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“While playing chess on the new 8×8;14×14 quantum chessboard model I saw the Universe, I looked up at the Sky and chose one of the most beautiful and modern constellations: the UNICORN CONSTELLATIONS”.

Carrarettova Kveta new Q≠Qchess-boards 8×8;14×14 opening.

8×8 chess-boards 14×14
e4-e5 h3-h12

Kveta Carrarettova


Seven new planets discovered recently by NASA scientists, the Trappist-1 exoplanets at 39 light years from Earth, are the clear demonstration that the Creator of the entire Universe offers us a wide range of new planets still to be explored, and new mysteries of the infinite unknown of the Universe still to be discovered.
Metaphorically speaking about the infinite unknown of the Universe, from my humble point of view it could be very similar to the infinite unknown of the Universe of quantum chess game.



The Universe of quantum chess was made possible thanks to my new 8×8;14×14 quantum chessboards and the multiplication of pawns, rooks and bishops, with the addition of 8 important chess battle horses: the “Unicorn Horses”. During my research on quantum chess, I discovered new schemes, forms, openings, extensions and endgames that were difficult to apply to the classic 8×8 chessboard.


To all visitors, champions, scientists, chess enthusiasts and above all “Quantum Computer Scientists”, I wish you the best next move.


The Luxury Chess Forum is a space for sharing experiences and opinions, created specifically for those who love chess. Each participant can leave a comment about games played solely on the new 8×8;14×14 quantum chessboard model concerning new gaming strategies, the creation of new theories on quantum chess games, as well as share news on "8×8;14×14 Quantum Chess".

How many new openings, extensions and endgames can be created with the 8×8;14×14 quantum chessboard?