Collaboration with schools and chess clubs, for quantum enthusiasts and computer scientists

8×8;14×14 Quantum Tournament Chessboard. A revolutionary model that allows every chess scientist, instructor, champion, chess player to improve their ELO-FIDE rating and to discover new graphics, schemes, algorithms, openings, extensions and finals of the infinite unknown of the Universe of the game of chess.

For All Chess Schools and Clubs
If you represent a Chess School or Club, you have the chance to let your students or members use the 8×8;14×14 Quantum chessboards (two in one): unique and refined, these chessboards have the potential to improve your personal elo-fide rating on the 8×8 classic tournament chessboards and, above all, they make it possible to discover new openings, extensions and endgames with the unicorn chess horses. By greatly improving your ELO – FIDE rating,  you might become a great champion and who knows.. perhaps you might make other new scientific discoveries related to mathematics, geometry, with possible new quantum computer theories.

What I offer you

Chessboard Type: 8×8;14×14 Quantum Chessboard
Agreements with every Club and School that purchase our service.
Terms of Use:

  • The 8×8;14×14 quantum chessboards can only be used in chess schools and clubs;
  • Copies cannot be made;
  •  Information, products and trademark of Luxury Chess and Luxury may not be used on other websites without prior authorization;
  • The resale of 8×8;14×14 quantum chessboards and pieces is forbidden, as well as the use of the Luxury Chess & Luxury trademark which is the exclusive property of Kveta Carrarettova.
  • All other Terms of Use will be attached to the contract.


“Cut an 8×8 square from the whole Universe and continue to play chess on
the classic 8×8 standard chessboard, and you’ll always get the same results”.

Kveta Carrarettova

Chess Club Collaborations

The Luxury Chess Forum is a space for sharing experiences and opinions, created specifically for those who love chess. Each participant can leave a comment about games played solely on the new 8×8;14×14 quantum chessboard model concerning new gaming strategies, the creation of new theories on quantum chess games, as well as share news on "8×8;14×14 Quantum Chess".

How many new openings, extensions and endgames can be created with the 8×8;14×14 quantum chessboard?