Collaboration with Luxury Companies and Luxury chess stores

Multi-platform Global Luxury Business
Price for one year: € 5,000
Luxury Chess & Luxury


“The excellence of each product is a sign of great quality and an excellent business card”.
Kveta Carrarettova

If you own a business in the luxury sector with the highest quality of luxury excellence, you will surely find interest inmy collaboration-sharing proposals interesting: they are aimed at increasing your visibility worldwide,  and raising your number of customers by gathering them on a single and exclusive platform. It will offer various kinds and forms of excellence around the world and your high quality luxury products will certainly stand out. This multi-platform also makes co-branding with other Luxury Companies easier, faster, more effective and, above all, at lower cost.

Membership is reserved to LUXURY EXCELLENCE AND CHESS EXCELLENCE companies under the following terms:

  • Highest product quality;
  • Contractual agreement for sharing collaboration;
  • Copies cannot be made;
  • It is not permitted to resell or use the trademark of any Luxury Company adhering to the Global Multi-Platform;
  • All other Terms of Use will be attached to the contract.

Collaborations with companies

The Luxury Chess Forum is a space for sharing experiences and opinions, created specifically for those who love chess. Each participant can leave a comment about games played solely on the new 8×8;14×14 quantum chessboard model concerning new gaming strategies, the creation of new theories on quantum chess games, as well as share news on "8×8;14×14 Quantum Chess".

How many new openings, extensions and endgames can be created with the 8×8;14×14 quantum chessboard?