Purchasing guide


The customer purchases the product, the characteristics of which are listed online in their respective descriptions and specifications, at the price specified therein in addition to the cost of delivery specified on the website.

Before sending the purchase order, the unit cost of each chosen product is summarised, together with the total cost if the customer wishes to purchase several products, and the respective delivery charges.

After submitting a purchase order, the customer will receive an email from Luxury Chess & Luxury stating confirmation of receipt of the purchase order and containing the information about the main characteristics of the goods purchased, detailed information on the price, delivery costs, applicable taxes means of payment and a reference to the general conditions of the contract and the information about the right to withdrawal, the terms and conditions of which can be viewed on the website. Following the approval of Italian Decree Law no. 223 of 4 July 2006 “Manoeuvre-bis”, Art. 37, paragraphs 8 and 9, converted into Law no. 248 of 4 August 2006, entered into force on 12 August 2006, which restored the obligation to notify the list of clients and suppliers when issuing an invoice, and Decree Law 78 of 31 May 2010 converted into Law no. 122 of 30 July 2010, customers are required to state their VAT and TAX CODES in the appropriate fields on the website.


The customer can make payment due by choosing one of the following methods.

Payment by credit card: If the consumer intends to make a payment by credit card, he/she may use the PayPal payment procedure to ensure the confidentiality of the data provided by the customer. For any further information and Legal Agreements, visit the www.paypal.com website.

Payment by bank transfer can be made by using the following details:

Luxury Chess & Luxury di Kveta Carrarettova

Kveta Carrarettova

  • Made out to: Unicredit Spa – Via B.D’ALVIA (VI)
  • IBAN: IT56A0200811803000103121413

In case the payment is made by bank transfer, the purchased goods will be sent via the delivery method listed in the “Product Delivery” section to the address indicated by the customer upon receipt of payment, therefore on average from two to five days after completion of the transfer (times vary depending on the bank used). To facilitate the procedure, the payment receipt can be sent via email to: [email protected]

[email protected]
+39 3315445632

Purchasing guide

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