Luxury Chess & Luxury also has something special for all our friends who are Eastern chess enthusiasts.

Set of 56 pieces available:

  • In different colours;
  • By reservation only.

In addition:

  • Plastic from € 100/set
  • Classic glass from €15/piece – made from Murano glass created by only the best craftsmen.

* Price to be agreed on according to the requested materials, starting from € 200 per piece.

Available in precious wood, classic glass, Murano glass, plastic and precious materials such as gold and diamonds.

* All the products and materials used are of the highest quality and are environmentally-friendly. The rights to all products are owned by Luxury Chess & Luxury, exclusively reserved for Kveta Carrarettova. The 8×8;14×14 Tournament Quantum Chessboard is designed and printed in Italy by the staff of Tipostampa Boschieri S.r.L. The 8×8;14×14 Luxury Quantum Chessboard in Murano glass and precious stones is made by master Venetian and Italian Goldsmiths; 100% ‘Made in Italy’.


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