Quantum Chess and Quantum Universe Chessboard

Q≠Q Univers Chess

The simple practice examples of the Knights possible openings, move and the generating interesting new algorithms with a Knights move.

Carrarettova Q≠Q opening
e4-e5 ≠ h3-h12
h3-h12≠ e4-e5

“May the new ERA of Quantum Chess and 8×8;14×14 Quantum Universe Chessboard…
get off to a good start”

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The rules of the game are the same as the FIDE laws. Online chess will not have the 8×8 classic chessboard, nor will it have the classic 8×8 quantum chessboard created by Cantwell; my 8×8;14×14 quantum chessboard model will be incorporated in the new software . The rules of the chess game on the new 8×8;14×14 quantum chessboard are identical to the FIDE chess laws. The only difference is in the pieces, whose number has been increased as quantum chessboards have increased. The only difference is in the number of the pieces, which has been increased according to the increase of the squares of quantum chessboards. Castling also maintains the same methods and rules that FIDE uses on the classic 8×8 chessboard.
The pieces include 8 Unicorn horses representing the Universe, and are therefore not compliant with FIDE standards. However,  the 8×8;14×14 new quantum chessboard guarantees players many great discoveries about quantum computer science regarding openings, extensions, endgames and geometric shapes in the infinite Universe of chess, as well as an immediate improvement and increase of Elo-FIDE ratings against the world’s strongest players who have been accustomed to play on the classic 8×8 chessboard for over three thousand years.

Universe Q≠Q Chess Game

The Luxury Chess Forum is a space for sharing experiences and opinions, created specifically for those who love chess. Each participant can leave a comment about games played solely on the new 8×8;14×14 quantum chessboard model concerning new gaming strategies, the creation of new theories on quantum chess games, as well as share news on "8×8;14×14 Quantum Chess".

How many new openings, extensions and endgames can be created with the 8×8;14×14 quantum chessboard?